What do the dog ticks dream about

Why do ticks dream on a dog? How do sleep interpretations differ for men and women? Is there any need to worry if there are a lot of ticks in a dream? As the dream is interpreted by the most popular dream books: Islamic, Miller and Wangi.

Ticks on a dog - interpretation from Miller's dream book

Gustav Miller is a well-known psychotherapist who has earned popularity by working in his specialty and compiling a dream book with a record number of interpretations. Unlike most dream books, in Miller’s writings, the idea that the interpretation of sleep depends on the sensations you experienced after waking up is a common thread.

According to Miller's dream book, a dog means a patron, friend, relative or loved one. Ticks symbolize people who are emotional vampires or problems that take a lot of energy. Seeing a dog in ticks means ignoring the problems that your loved ones have encountered.

Interpretation of Wangi's dream book

Vanga is a well-known Bulgarian fortune teller who foresaw several major world events. Wang was known throughout the world, her predictions still scare and reassure many people. If you are skeptical about Wang’s predictions, it becomes apparent that most of them carry negative connotations. With regard to the dream book, the situation is similar, most interpretations warn of problems, troubles, quarrels.

Wangi's dream book describes a dog as an unknown force that can be either light or dark. If the dog behaved calmly in a dream, it was affectionate and supple - it symbolizes light forces. If the animal attacked you in a dream, tried to bite or harm in another way - in reality you will encounter dark forces. Ticks, according to Wangi's dream book, symbolize minor problems that need to be eliminated as soon as possible.

Islamic dream book

A Muslim or Islamic dream book interprets a dream with a dog as a warning about the appearance of an enemy. It is interesting that the enemy will be weaker than you, but can win due to a blow delivered suddenly.

The dream ticks, according to the Islamic dream book, portend quarrels, strong resentment, humiliation and disappointment.

Who had a dream?

The interpretation of sleep largely depends on who had this dream, and what feelings you experience after waking up.

The man

If a dog in ticks dreamed of a man, she warns about health problems in loved ones. Most likely we are talking about older parents or relatives. If after awakening a man has double impressions, and ticks in a dream are actively moving, they can warn of a betrayal of a close friend or treason.

Note! If the dreaming dog looked very sick and had a lot of ticks on it, most likely, the dreamer would soon have to look after the sick relative.


In a woman’s dream, a dog in ticks warns of money problems. The interpretation of sleep is the opposite, depending on the sensations after waking up. If you woke up excited - be careful in financial matters, you have to lose a large sum of money.

If in a dream you saw how ticks crawled quickly across the dog, the dream warns of envious people. In addition, the people in charge of you are prepared to do harm in order to get rid of their own discomfort. Most likely, we are talking about work colleagues who are jealous of your financial situation.

Why dream of removing ticks from a dog

People do not control their dreams, but often the subconscious makes you see a picture that will suit your mind. If in life you are used to helping someone who is in trouble, most likely you can try to help your dog in a dream. Why dream of removing ticks from a dog?

If in the process of help you felt disgust or insects attacked you - this is a warning about health problems. If the procedure was successful, you will soon improve your financial situation. If after you helped the dog it got worse or died, your loved one is in danger, most likely your spouse.

There are a lot of ticks

If in a dream you saw a lot of ticks, most likely they symbolize your environment, that is, people. Aggressive behavior of parasites indicates the envy of others. It is very likely that envy is caused by your boast.

If in a dream there are a lot of ticks, and you began to crush them, in reality, you will make a series of rash acts that will lead to serious problems. If ticks attack and bite you, this is a health warning.

It is interesting! If you saw a lot of ticks in a dream, but remained on the sidelines, most likely someone will try to drag you into a risky situation.

A large number of ticks in a dream can warn of impending deception. Think of a dream as a warning and do not trust people you’ve recently met.

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