Accessories for dogs in the car

If you ignore the safety rules, any trip with a dog can end in disaster. And no matter, half an hour, the pet will spend on the road or several days. A safety belt, a box, a hammock for a dog in a car and other necessary "little things" are not just comfort, but safety measures that will help protect both the owner and his pet from troubles.
The choice of various devices for transporting pets in a car is simply huge. Every year, manufacturers delight us with new products, improving obsolete designs of harnesses, retainers, cages, etc. But not all accessories for dogs in the car really meet the main requirement - safety during movement and parking. When making a choice, in addition to the brand of the car and the characteristics of the pet, be sure to consider the degree of usefulness of the "pretty little thing."

Separate number

A good spacious cage for dogs in the car is perhaps the most reasonable solution. But the cage has one drawback: upon impact, the dog beats against the walls, and the more free space, the stronger the dog shakes. The cage can be placed behind the seats or left inside the cabin, fixed with seat belts (if the dimensions of the pet allow). Inside the temporary apartment will fit a bowl-spill with water and a hanging plate with food, which will make stopping less often. If we are talking about a decorative dog, you can put a tray in the cage - the pet will not have to endure.
The main plus of the cage or box is safety for the driver. The dog, even the most naughty, scared or excited, will not distract the driver from the road. During the strike, the pet will remain in the box, which can save both his life and the people in the cabin.
Less spacious carrying for dogs in the car is more suitable for small pets who like to take a nap on the road. Carriers differ from cages not only in size but also in design: the cage is disassembled into sections, and the box can be removed from the car without releasing the pet. When choosing a box or cage, consider the size of the dog and the capacity of the car, the reliability of locks and internal fixtures, stability, and the quality of the material.
But in such a carrying the dog in the car will be hot. Of course, you can leave the door open, but what's the point in such a box? Although for winter travel, it may be suitable.
And this seemingly unreliable mesh "cage" for transporting dogs in a car is excellently ventilated and will not harm the pet during an impact. A soft net will hold the dog, preventing it from flying into the front seat. Of course, if you fix the box with straps. The review, by the way, is excellent - both inside and out.


Many dogs do not want to be away from the family, even if this "distance" is calculated in a few centimeters. Such pets always strive to squeeze into the front seat, distracting the driver and restricting his view. A securely attached dog grid or net in the car solves the problem: the pet sees people, but cannot get to them. The grill should fit in the interior of the car as perfectly as possible - the wider the gap between the edge of the partition and the walls of the car, the higher the likelihood of injury. A vertical partition is used to transport two pets. Even if the dogs are friends, it is necessary to separate them - these will reduce the risk of injury during an impact or a sharp turn.
A nylon mesh in a medium-sized dog machine is also a good option: during a strike, the pet will not break its nose on a metal grill. But you shouldn’t leave such gaps here on the sides - the dog can put its paw or head in the slot, and if at that moment the car wags sharply ... In general, how lucky.
Option to distinguish between front and rear seats. Since the pet travels in the back seat, it is advisable to purchase dog bedding in the car to protect the upholstery of the chairs from wool. The limiter looks quite reliable, not counting the gap from above: a curious pet can put its paws on the partition, stick its head in and even fly forward at the time of sharp braking.

Covers and hammocks

There are many designs for dog car covers. The general requirement is water resistance and wear resistance. The fabric should be strong, not fleecy (difficult to clean), not afraid of claws and teeth, not absorb liquid (the pet may show, it may describe itself or spill water). It is important that the fasteners are reliable, as many dogs like to dig litter, crumpling and moving it to the side.
An inexpensive and neat way to protect the upholstery. But it is not difficult to guess that such a dog cloak in a car does not meet safety requirements. A pet can crawl or fly forward, get stuck under the seats, hit the backs of the front seats at the time of braking:
But such wraps are quite suitable for protecting the trunk. Just do not forget to install a grid or grille so that the pet does not crawl into the cabin:
A more reliable option: restricts the pet's movement, not allowing him to squeeze forward or under the seat. If you choose the right size for such a bedding for the dog in the car, and then correctly fix it, leaving the front side taut, the material will save the pet at the time of sudden braking. The front "wall" cushions, preventing the dog from beating on the back of the chair.
Some pets love to chew on doorknobs, bored on the go. Others manage to crumple the edges of the litter and still get to the upholstery. A four-walled hammock for a dog in a car will protect the salon from the claws and teeth of a restless pet. The higher the sides, the better - the dog will definitely not stain the car, will not make its way forward, will not hit during a sharp turn, braking, etc. If the pet is large, the side walls must be unfastened - do not pull the rottweiler out of the car in your arms?
Additional straps for attaching to the ceiling handles make this hammock more reliable than conventional hammocks for a dog in a car, attached only to the backs of chairs:
Cozy and compact single "room", ideal for medium and small breeds of dogs:
But, not a single litter, not a single hammock or a cover in a dog car can be compared with a tunnel. A brilliant invention that meets all safety rules. Sharp turns, braking, accident - the pet is sheltered in a reliable "den". Fidget does not distract the owner from the road, does not stain the upholstery, does not crawl under the chair. The ventilation is excellent, the sidewalls are detachable, the mounting is elementary. It’s even convenient to carry this thing: the tunnel is folded with an accordion and fixed in assembled form by a transverse zipper, turning into a lightweight “bag”. Different sizes, from miniature single to overall tunnels accommodating large dogs.

Belts and harnesses

Any cloak or bedding for dogs protects the car (to a greater extent), while the safety of passengers and pets is much more important than the integrity of the upholstery. Not so long ago, special harnesses for transporting dogs in a car appeared on the Russian market. Wide, non-traumatic dog ribbons are a must. The harness is attached to the seat by a seat belt, restricting the movement of the dog. A pet cannot get down, climb forward, etc.
So that the dog can move around the seat, use a double mount - to the chair and to the ceiling strap. The pet still can not harm itself and the passengers, but it has the opportunity to stretch a bit and choose a window for admiring the scenery.
Going on a trip, do not forget that safety is above all. We wish you a pleasant journey and new, necessarily positive impressions!

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