How much does a dog walk in 1 hour

Knowing how much a dog walks for 1 hour, the dog owner can decide for himself whether it is advisable to use the help of a walker. The service will be relevant for cases when it is not possible to walk your pet or devote enough time to walking. After all, regular walking is the key to good mood and animal health, as well as the safety of home furniture and repairs. In large cities, the choice of proposals in this area is especially large, so it remains only to choose a suitable candidate who will suit the owner in all respects.

What the service implies

Dog walking services in 2019 are offered by individuals, specialized agencies, dog schools and veterinary centers. By agreement with the owner, the person arrives at the specified address and leaves for a walk with the pet. The average duration is usually 45 minutes. This is the minimum time that is enough for an animal to lose accumulated energy and satisfy its natural needs. By agreement with the owner, the time can be increased, and the walker will supplement the walk with active games, practice the previously learned teams, return home and comb out after the walk, cut his claws, etc. Specialists who perform their work efficiently often inspect the dog after a walk for parasites (ticks), they can wash their feet for free or sprinkle food if the owner does not return home by this time.

Walking cost

The price of walking depends on the duration of the walk, the breed (large or small), the degree of aggression, additional options (working out teams, swimming). The cost of a standard service for 1 hour of dog walking in 2019 is from 100-300 rubles. from individuals and from 500 rubles. when ordering in specialized companies. Depending on the particular animal, the requirements of the customer and the experience of the walker, the amount will increase. The fare at the customer's address can also be included in the tariff or allocated in a separate article. In the latter case, you can save if you select a specialist from your area of ​​residence.

A couple more ways to save money when ordering a dog walk:

  • To order the service is not a one-time, but a package. Companies offer for such cases more favorable rates per one trip.
  • Cooperate with friends / neighbors on a joint walk (rather relevant for small dog owners). When ordering a walk of several animals, discounts are offered, and the fare to the client and back will need to be paid only 1 time.

Walker choice

When choosing an assistant who will have to entrust a pet, it is important to pay attention to his qualifications, personal qualities and the need for additional actions (behavior correction, training, etc.). Knowing the characteristics of "dog psychology" will help maintain a good mood for the dog. As in any other service sector, acquaintances will help you find the right person.

Cooperation can be divided into the following stages:

  • placing an order by phone or on the website;
  • clarification of the data of the walker and the characteristics of your pet;
  • Arrival at the appointed time;
  • Acquaintance with the animal in the presence of the owner and a walk (excrement required)
  • returning home and additional services (washing, feeding).
  • photo or video report about the walk (often indicating the route) and the state of the “ward”.

Security questions

Firstly, it is about the life and health of the dog. It is necessary to discuss the use of equipment, observing the dog so that he does not pick up foreign objects from the ground, if necessary, exclude contacts with other animals and people. For example, in order to prevent the dog from escaping, experienced walkers use a safety collar and a special belt where a pet leash is attached with a carabiner.

Secondly, the matter concerns the safety of home property. Often there is a need to pick up and bring the dog home when no one is there, so you have to leave the keys to the concierge or neighbors. It is possible to agree with the same people that the walker enters the apartment in their presence. In addition, you can protect yourself in this case by drawing up an appropriate contract that special companies practice. According to the document, the walker is responsible for the property while he is in the apartment.

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