The fastest dog in the world

Over many years of breeding, manufacturers have bred hundreds of breeds with their own distinctive qualities and characteristics. But even among them there are record dogs that amaze with their speed and endurance. Which one is the fastest dog in the world?

World record holder Greyhound

The champion who set the world record is a Greyhound dog named Star Title. At the competitions held in 1994, he showed a speed of 67, 32 km / h. At the moment, none of the four-legged athletes of other breeds has beaten the title of the fastest dog.

The frisky hounds of this tribe were found on the lands of Britain as far back as the 5th century BC. e. Noble animals were adorned with the courtyards of wealthy aristocrats. With all the agility and ability to develop lightning fast with a sharp jerk, representatives of the Greyhounds have a significant drawback - they are quite lazy and are not ready to run for hours. Having been participants in active games for only a few minutes, they calm down and move on to a more measured pace.

In fairness, it is worth noting that nevertheless there are worthy rivals among the group of greyhounds, who in the coming years are able to compete with frisky handsome greyhounds. To get to know them better, we offer you a selection of the top fastest dogs in the world.

Whippet - Small English Greyhound

One of the fastest dog breeds in the world can be safely attributed to the gentle and affectionate whippets, which are considered excellent companions and guide dogs. Graceful animals existed during the reign of the Roman Empire, as evidenced by the numerous images on the sculptures of that era.

The unusual name "Whippet" representatives of this tribe received for a reason. In literal translation from English, it sounds like a “whip blow”. The name perfectly characterizes fast-moving animals that are capable of accelerating up to 70 km / h in a fit of excitement.

Whippets are unique hunters. They see perfectly at night, and therefore are able to catch and bring a trophy at any time of the day.

Saluki - Persian Greyhound

Persian greyhounds are able to compete with the fastest breed of dogs in the world. Images of representatives of this ancient tribe can be found even on the monuments of the beginning of civilization. For millennia in the lands of the Middle East, these animals have been used exclusively for hunting.

The main feature of the Persian greyhounds is the ability to develop their agility to a mark of 70 km / h, easily maintaining it over long distances. In pursuit of their victims, the Saluki do not make any sounds, using only their eyesight.

Azawak - African Greyhound

Representatives of this exotic breed were bred by African nomads. Graceful animals occupy a leading position in the ranking of the fastest dogs in the world, because they have an amazing speed of 65 km / h.

In the hunt for fast animals, the Azawahs have no equal. They easily overtake both quick rabbits and fast-moving gazelles. Moreover, they can chase the victim for several hours. And having overtaken, they do not kill, but only cut the tendons in order to completely immobilize it.

Podenko ibizenko - ibizian

The Spanish hunting dog, known as the Ibizian, is famous for its agility and agility, which can reach 65 km / h. Representatives of this breed often take part in competitions in races and coursing.

Fast and agile dogs are excellent hunters who easily overtake their prey not only during the day, but also in the dark. Jumping animals are able to overcome high fences in a jump. If the barrier is too tough, the Ibizians attract all their ingenuity, if necessary, stubbornly climbing even a tree.

Afghan hound

Representatives of this hunting tribe are very similar in appearance to the Saluki described above. But unlike their relatives they have a truly royal become. In terms of refinement and grace, they have no equal.

Tall animals with long silky hair are quick and agile. They are able to move with a speed of 65 km / h, which allows them to stay in the field on a par with racehorses.

In addition, they are skilled jumpers. Half-meter fences are not a significant obstacle for them. Possessing a good memory and high sensitivity to familiar aromas, Afghan hounds easily find their way home.

Russian canine greyhound

Tall elegant dogs have a narrow physique and a strong dry type of constitution. Representatives of this breed are distinguished by excellent eyesight, keen hearing and aggressiveness towards other animals. In the nineteenth century, for the incredible abilities of the runners and their flexible disposition, representatives of this species of greyhounds were a welcome decoration of the kennels of Russian landowners.

Russian greyhounds got into the ranking of the fastest dogs in the world for the reason that they are able to develop a fast speed of up to 65-70 km / h. This is especially evident at short distances.

The speed of the jerk can reach 90 km / h. If a greyhound hunts from an ambush, then when overtaking a victim, she is able to make a three-meter jump. Admiring the movement of the sprint from the side, it seems that the dog seems to soar in the sky without touching the ground.

Survived - Hungarian Pointing Dog

The hunting dog has an aristocratic appearance and incredible grace. But its main feature is the ability to change the direction of movement in the jump. During running, she develops a speed of up to 57 km / h.

The second name of the breed "survived", translated from Hungarian meaning "find", is fully justified. The Pointing Dog has a delicate sense, demonstrating excellent results in rough terrain.

In addition, these dogs are great swimmers. They are often used when hunting waterfowl.

Deerhound - Scottish Reindeer Hound

The rare breed, which is a representative of deer hounds, is valued for speed, courage and quick wits. She was taken out with only one purpose - to track the traces of artiodactyls and to hunt victims during unarmed hunting.

The swiftness of a running accelerated dirhound can reach 55 km / h. On the hunt, dirhounds are energetic and tireless. They are ready to chase their prey for hours, making marching throws in search of prey.

Pharaoh Hound

Representatives of this rare breed are famous for sophistication and grace, successfully combined with power and strength. They have a magnificent posture, excellent scent and a highly developed hunting instinct. During the pursuit of prey, the pharaohs reach speeds of 55 km / h.

The main feature of this tribe, which is not peculiar to any other, is the ability to smile in a fit of joy, hilariously stretching lips, and wrinkle your nose. If the pharaoh is embarrassed, it is easy to determine by the reddened nose and eye contour.

Italian Greyhound - Italian Greyhound

Despite the miniature and fragile appearance, representatives of this breed have a strong skeleton and well-developed muscles. Due to this, they are able to accelerate to 40 km / h in a matter of seconds. But because of modest dimensions, elegant handsome men are not able to fully perform hunting and security functions.

Italian greyhounds, who served in the fourth century BC as court dogs in Egyptian palaces, are still very popular today. And the secret lies in the wonderful grace of the breed, characteristic of the greyhounds, as well as exceptional ingenuity and aristocratic beauty.

Representatives of dog breeds that can accelerate to the speed of a running horse can be listed for a long time. In fact, the need to run fast for most four-legged pets today is only a convention. Indeed, situations when you have to overtake your prey or, conversely, evade danger, arise not so often.

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