Flea and tick collar for cats and cats

For domestic cats and cats they buy special flea and tick collars. These accessories perfectly protect pets during outdoor walks, as well as when communicating with other animals. The main thing is to choose a high-quality, non-toxic and effective model.

How flea and tick collars work

The accessory operates on the principle of anti-flea sprays, drops and shampoos. It is completely impregnated with repellents or insecticides that kill killers, ticks and fleas that have settled on the pet’s hair, as well as scare away new parasites. Upon contact with a particular substance, the insecticide paralyzes, and they quickly die. The impregnations used are low toxic and, subject to safety rules, do not cause poisoning of the animal:

  • Essential oils (citrus, lavender, bergamot, peppermint). They repel insects, but do not always help get rid of existing parasites.
  • Imidacloprid. A modern insecticide that blocks the activity of tick and flea nerve cells. A cat collar impregnated with such a concentrate is effective for several months.
  • Permethrin. According to many veterinarians, this is a fairly toxic compound. With prolonged wearing of such a flea collar, a cat has problems with the liver, coordination of movements, and the nervous system.
  • Sevin is a fairly effective broad-spectrum insecticide with moderate toxicity. It does not accumulate in the skin of the animal, but may cause irritation.
  • Propoxur. It has a deterrent effect. Causes rapid death of insects within the first 24 hours after putting on the collar. It has an average degree of toxicity. It is distributed over the coat and skin, but is practically not absorbed into the blood.

  • Metropen Fairly poisonous concentrate. It is contraindicated in often sick pets, lactating and pregnant cats and small kittens.
  • Phenotrin. Quickly neutralizes sexually mature insects and their larvae. It is used to eliminate fleas not only in animals, but also in humans.
  • Fipronil is an insecticide that has a neuroparalytic effect. If ingested, can cause severe poisoning. If applied to the skin or coat of a pet, it is not absorbed into the blood.
  • Diazinon. It is distributed over the fatty layer and does not enter the bloodstream. It is used not only as a poison for pathogens, but also as a repeller. Causes paralysis of insects, as a result of which they quickly die. It is important to monitor the reaction of cats when wearing a collar from ticks and fleas soaked in such an insecticide. An allergic reaction may appear in the early days.
  • Tetrachlorvinphos (TCVP). Non-toxic impregnation, which applies only to the skin of the cat. It infects parasites even before their first bites, thus preventing allergies and severe itching.

According to experienced breeders, many flea collars should be worn on cats a few days before the planned walk on the street, as the insecticide should spread throughout the coat and soak into the skin. It is important to exclude chewing and licking of the antiparasitic accessory. To do this, it is correctly sized to fit, and the excess ends are cut off.

Types of antiparasitic collars

These accessories come in several types:

  1. Bio or herbal models. These are rubber flea collars for cats of different ages, soaked in essential oils. Often, due to the specific aroma, they cause an allergic reaction. Suitable for pregnant cats and kittens, as well as for the prevention of infection during street walks.
  2. Ultrasonic models are made of fabric to which the emitter is attached. It spreads around the infrasound, not audible to other people, but scaring away microscopic insects.
  3. Emitting collars propagate electromagnetic waves around themselves for several meters. They are not toxic, quickly remove fleas and ticks, do not exert an unpleasant odor, but do not affect eggs and larvae.
  4. Insecticidal (gas) flea collars for cats are impregnated with a special liquid. It is valid for several months. Before you put such a product on the neck of the animal, it is slightly stretched so that poisonous microcrystals appear.

All types of cat collars are suitable for both long-haired and short-haired breeds. They are purchased for the British, Mei Kun, Neva Masquerade, Norwegian Forest, Persians, as well as Egyptian Mau and Cornish Rex.

Advantages and disadvantages

These are fairly simple and inexpensive cat grooming items. They not only remove pathogenic flora, but also are an excellent prevention of infection, and also have other advantages:

  • are inexpensive and are valid for up to six months;
  • some models are suitable for pregnant and lactating cats;
  • protect from bites of dangerous ticks and infectious diseases;
  • create an invisible protective barrier against all types of blood-sucking insects;
  • guarantee safety on the street while trapping stray animals.

No one will take a cat with a beautiful collar for a sick and stray. Unlike shampoos and liquid concentrates, wearing a collar does not require any additional care, for example, washing in the bathroom and subsequent drying of the coat.

The disadvantages of antiparasitic collars include the specific smell that comes from them. In an animal, the first days of wearing the item may develop a severe allergy in the form of a rash, itching, and tearing. Sometimes in the neck area hair falls out and deep wounds occur. When the first symptoms of individual collar intolerance appear, it must be removed. Due to frequent wetting, the product quickly loses its positive properties. Its effectiveness also depends on the individual characteristics of cat immunity. When buying low-quality goods from an unverified seller, the risk of poisoning the pet is high.

Wearing rules

In order not to undermine the health of the animal, you need to know how the flea collar for cats works, how to properly store and use it. Verified manufacturers of anti-flea products sell them with detailed instructions for use. After opening the package, the accessory is put on the neck of the pet and tightened so that it does not hang out, but does not cause discomfort. In the early days, they put on a collar for only a few hours and watch how the pet’s body reacts. Then they put it in a dense plastic bag or wrap it in a plastic wrap.

The maximum shelf life of a cat collar is 6-7 months. Inexpensive models are only valid for 1-2 months. It is not recommended to use them together with shampoos and sprays from blood-sucking insects. Such a tandem will certainly cause acute intoxication. The cat's fur is first treated with a liquid insecticidal agent, and only after 7-10 days put on a collar.

Popular brands of anti-flea collars

Veterinarians and experienced breeders recommend the use of effective accessories from the following domestic and foreign companies:

  1. Bolfo is a German inexpensive collar that helps clean fleas from cats of any breed. It is sold in several versions, with a weaker and stronger dosage of a repellent substance at a price of 450-500 rubles. Valid for 2-3 months and copes with all types of insects (lice, fleas, ticks).
  2. Beaphar is an affordable Dutch bio-collar soaked in essential oils. It differs by a short deterrent period of validity (1-2 months). It is most often used to prevent infection of the animal. It does not kill sexually mature parasites that already live on the body, but only scares away new settlers. Its price ranges from 300-400 rubles.
  3. Dr. Zoo is made by a Russian company and is impregnated with diazinon. Valid for several months. It has low toxicity, rarely causes allergic reactions and discomfort in the pet. It has a low price - 50-70 rubles.
  4. Bars is a waterproof collar of domestic brand with fipronil, a medium toxic active ingredient. Effectively copes with mosquitoes, lice, ticks, fleas for 2-3 months. According to the reviews of the owners, it has the same advantages as expensive foreign models, but it costs an order of magnitude cheaper (150-200 rubles). It can be worn by kittens who are already 2 months old.
  5. Hartz is an excellent American collar for cats, rarely causing adverse reactions. It quickly kills all types of parasites and is a powerful prevention of reinfestation. Resistant to getting wet, suitable for cats from 3 months of age. Of the minuses emit a fairly high cost. In a pet store, you will have to pay 700-900 rubles for such a product.

You can see the current price of a collar and buy it right here:

Counterfeits and cheap products include insecticides that are harmful to the health of pets and people. For those cats who often walk for long periods of time outside the house, it is better to order high-quality models of flea collars, and not think about how much the product costs. Proven brands of pet products are a guarantee that dangerous insects will not appear in the house.

Veterinarian reviews

Veterinarian, Makarov V.S .:

"I recommend using inexpensive Russian anti-flea collars, for example, Bars or Dr. Zoo. First you need to treat the pet’s hair with a spray of the same brand. Then fasten the collar on the neck. This is quite a reliable protection for a long time."

Veterinarian, Yulianova T.E .:

"Many domestic cats and cats suffer from the fact that they wear a poor-quality toxic collar. They are brought with a runny nose, discharge from the eyes, bald spots on the neck. This is not a disease, but an acute allergy to a bad accessory. I recommend immediately removing it, prescribing antiallergenic therapy, and only after a complete cure, you can again try antiplatelet agents, but of high quality, for example, American or German brands. "

Owner Cat Reviews

Oksakova O.V .:

"My cat literally lives on the street. We have a private house with a large garden. He only runs to eat and relax on the couch. To prevent lice and fleas from entering the premises, I put a new Bars collar on the cat every 2-3 months. That's enough, to scare off all the parasites. I periodically check the coat, it is always clean. "

Ivanishina V.S .:

"We have 2 cats living in our apartment for several years. They do everything together and walk too. They get home through the window. To prevent any infection from the street, I order quality Beaphar flea collars for them several times a year. I like their high European quality, reliability and minimal toxicity. I used to buy budget brands, but fleas and ticks appeared at the withers periodically. "

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