Asian tabby: cats and cats

Asian Tabby (aka Asian Koksha) is a beautiful shorthair cat, which is part of the Asian group. The breed is relatively new, but it appeared ... in the UK. In their physique and character, Asian cats are very reminiscent of Burmese. The only difference between them is the coat color.

Origin history

Asian tabbies owe their appearance to Baroness Miranda von Kirchberg and a group of like-minded people. In 1981, as a result of crossing a male Persian chinchilla and a Burmese cat of lilac color, kittens were born, which became the basis for creating a new breed. Rather, not even a breed, but a whole group of breeds, united by one name - "Asian cat".

The group included five breeds:

  • Asian cat of even color and tortie;
  • Asian Tabby
  • Asian smoky cat;
  • Tiffany or Asian semi-long haired (not to be confused with Chantilly-Tiffany)
  • Burmilla (Asian shaded).

By physique and character all breeds went to mother. In general terms, then Burmese shorthair cats with a color that does not meet the standard are now called Asian cats and are divided into plain, smoky and tabby, and long-haired cats gave rise to another branch - tiffany.

In 1989, the new breed was developed enough to get its own name and association of lovers.

According to the idea of ​​felinologists, an Asian cat must necessarily have an easygoing character and should not resemble British Shorthair, Persian or Siamese in any manifestations.

Asian cats attract a huge variety of colors of which there are more than 600. In Russia, in the CIS countries, the breed is practically not found. And in England, the popularity, although not great, but allows the breed to develop, and not be forgotten.

Appearance and Standards

Asian tabbies are medium-sized cats with well-developed muscles, and their distinguishing features are graceful appearance, nobleness and beautiful posture.

Head and face

Playful cheekbones stand out interestingly on the face. The shape of the head of cats resembles a short blunt wedge, and the muzzle is rounded. Tabby is characterized by slanting almond-shaped eyes. The color of the iris is from golden to green, which gives it a unique charm. The "scarab sign", which, as a rule, is awarded to spotted and marbled wild cats, is located in the center of the forehead, as if emphasizing its greatness. Ears can be medium or large with rounded tips, set wide apart. Corners look a little out. The outer edges of the ears are dark in color.


Gracefulness is attached to the cat by a powerful and rounded chest, a muscular and straight back, a taut belly and a muscular torso. The body of Asian women is medium in size, proportional. The limbs are quite large, of normal length. Paws are rounded. The tail is usually dark and tapering. Closer to the tip, most cats of this breed can see dark rings.


The hair of Asian cats is short, very soft. It adheres tightly to the body and is almost devoid of undercoat. It is noteworthy that it is resistant to pollution, like burmese, therefore, even if the cat goes outside, it is not necessary to bathe her constantly.


The coat has a ticking effect (there are two dark areas on each hair). In all their colors, tabby distinguish 4 types of pattern:

  • Spotted;
  • Marble;
  • Mackerel or brindle;
  • Ticked.

A distinctive feature of this breed is a stroke around the eyes, mouth and nose, as well as a characteristic "necklace" around the neck.


Asian tabby is a very friendly and intelligent cat breed, which is distinguished by its complaisance and gentleness. Cats of this breed are very playful and active, especially at a young age, but at the same time not shy.

Without any problems, they usually squeeze with all the pets with which they live under the same roof. Therefore, such a cat can be safely left in the apartment, without fear of the fact that the pets will be changed in an hour of your absence. In addition, the tabby cat feels great alone and prefers homeliness instead of walking.

In large families, where people of all ages live, tabby feels great and becomes the favorite of all family members, without exception. Asian cats rarely meow, they are unobtrusive and gentle to children.

Asian tabby can be characterized by such indicators as:

  • affection;
  • playfulness;
  • curiosity.

For such a cat, an understanding and caring owner is a treasure. Such a person will be loved and thanked by the animal all his life. Although it’s just an animal, it’s one that will perceive an undeserved and rude attitude very close to the heart. Against this background, the pet may even develop emotional trauma.

Asian tabby is really flexible, but she is no different than timidity and she can give a serious rebuff to her offender.

Asian tabby cat calmly endures short-term solitude. But if your lifestyle involves prolonged absences, then it is advisable for your pet to find a friend. Moreover, this does not have to be another cat, any pet can be a friend:

  • dog;
  • rabbit;
  • parrot, etc.

And if kittens from infancy start to teach the correct communication with people and other animals, then you can achieve not only a high level of sociability, but also good behavior. After all, kittens of Asian tabby are real fidgets. They are fussy, constantly moving around the house, inspecting objects, things. Trying to play with everything that falls under their paw. Therefore, good behavior of the animal is a big plus for further relations with it.

If you have gathered for a long time on business, but there is no one to look after the pet, do not give it to overexposure, it is better to leave the tabby at home. Entrust someone close to you to take care of the pet, let the person come and feed the cat, change the tray, water. Why is this needed? The fact is that Asian tabby easily and quickly gets used to new people and places, so even a short period of time is already a habit that you will then pick up from the animal.

Maintenance and care

Asian tabby cat loves home comfort. She is not very drawn to the street. The cat will find at home what to do and what to play. If you want to make your pet happy, buy him a play area for cats, believe me, the animal will be immensely grateful to you.

Even better if you yourself take the time to play with the cat. If you don’t pay attention to the pet, he will be chubby, as he decides that no one needs him.

All 5 breeds of cats that belong to the Asian group are literally flawless in everything, starting with appearance and ending with their manners. Tabby is no exception and is rightly called a noble breed. They do not provide much care for themselves and are ideal for families with children.

Asian cats require minimal care. Due to the fact that this breed has no undercoat, they need to be combed only in the molting season. And yet, in order to keep the coat clean and shiny, they recommend combing it with a special mitten, at least once a week. It is also necessary to monitor the purity of the auricle and lacrimal ducts. A tabby cat can not be bathed often, because water procedures adversely affect the condition of the skin and coat, and can also cause an allergic reaction.

Power Features

In order for a cat to receive the necessary amount of minerals and vitamins vital for the body, it needs to eat properly and balanced. A tabby cat should always have fresh water. They have no particular food preferences, while Asian tabby owners are better off giving dry food and preferring natural foods.

If you still decide to pamper the Asian tabby with boiled fish or meat, then this is normal. Sometimes you can replace a portion of the feed with a natural product. In this case, the main thing to consider is the observance of daily nutritional standards regarding the calorie content of the product.

After all, concern for the weight of Asian tabbies should be a priority over the desire to pamper the animal. Normal weight is the key to the animal’s well-being, the ability to maintain natural grace and grace. Castrated pets are at greatest risk for obesity, and they gain weight much faster.

Disease and Life Expectancy

Characteristic diseases for this breed have not yet been identified. Tabby boasts strong immunity and stamina. However, like others, they need annual vaccinations against common feline diseases, as well as the prophylactic treatment of parasites. The average life expectancy is 14-16 years.

It is important to remember that the health of a cat depends not only on its genetic predisposition, but also on the correct conditions for its maintenance.

Price and purchase of a kitten

In Russia, to find a kitten of this breed is almost impossible. Even at exhibitions, they are very rare.

It is not clear for what reason, but there are very few nurseries that breed Asian tabby in the Russian Federation. For this reason, to buy a cat of this breed in Russia is quite problematic, not having decent capital on hand. Maybe the fact is that this is a new breed and after some time the area of ​​its distribution will increase significantly. After all, Asian tabby belongs to the breed of cats that love people. And this is often the main factor when choosing a pet.

In England, about 10 nurseries officially breed. The cost of a kitten ranges from 400-500 dollars and about the same cost of registration and delivery.

The price of an Asian tabby is quite high, but the cat is worth its money both for habits and appearance.

What to look for when buying a kitten

The owner of the Asian tabby kitten should have the metric and pedigree of the animal on his hands. If the pet was brought from America, then also a green card.

Inspect the kitten. His eyes should be clean. The optimal gum color is pink. It should not smell from the mouth. Ears are clean, without sulfur and blackness.


Photos of cats of the breed Asian Tabby:

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