Amitrazine for cats

Amitrazine is a veterinary drug that is used for cats in the treatment of pathologies caused by sarcoptoid ticks. The medication has a wide spectrum of action, and therefore is highly effective.

Composition and form of release

Amitrazine is available as an oily solution. It has a specific smell. The drug is produced by several domestic pharmacological companies, so in pharmacies you can find the medicine in different packages. Typically, 10 ml polymer bottles (less commonly larger) are used, equipped with droppers for ease of use. Amitrazine is also found in clear glass bottles corked with rubber stoppers and aluminum caps. In this case, the medicine is completed with a plastic dropper, which is put on the bottle after opening.

The basis of the drug is amitraz. The active substance in the solution contains 0.25%. Also included are rapeseed oil and dimethyl sulfoxide. Thanks to them, the active substance penetrates the skin faster and begins to destroy parasites. In addition, auxiliary components soften the effect of the medication.

Pharmacological properties

Amitrazine has a pronounced acaricidal effect, that is, it destroys ticks, including those that cause the development of ear scabies, sarcoptosis and notothedrosis. The advantage of the drug is that it affects all parasites, regardless of the stage of their development. The principle of action is that the active substance negatively affects the work of recipes and blocks the transmission of nerve impulses in ticks. As a result of this action, parasites quickly die.

Amitraz not only penetrates the skin and bloodstream, but also has the ability to accumulate in the tissues, due to which for some time it prevents re-infection with parasites. The excipient dimethyl sulfoxide additionally has an antimicrobial and analgesic effect, and rapeseed oil starts the regeneration processes. Due to this, the drug not only destroys parasites (the cause of the disease), but also accelerates the healing of wounds that appear due to combing of the affected skin or ears by animals.

Instructions for use

The instructions for use indicate that Amitrazine for cats is used for otodecosis and otitis media caused by ticks, as well as knothedrosis. Only a doctor can prescribe a drug for treatment after conducting the necessary clinical studies and confirming the diagnosis.

With kneadrosis or cat scabies, the medication is used as follows:

  1. First, areas of the epidermis infected with parasites are thoroughly cleaned of scabs. To do this, you can use a special cleansing lotion for animals.
  2. Using a cotton-gauze swab dipped in a medicinal solution, it is necessary to treat the affected area of ​​the body.
  3. The area around the pathology is also subject to processing (1 cm should be processed from the edge).

The procedure is done 2-5 times with an interval of 5-7 days. With severe infection, two-time use is allowed with an interval of one day. If necessary, the procedure is repeated after 7 days. The duration of treatment in each case is determined individually depending on the degree of infection and the general health of the pet. Treatment is stopped after the disappearance of the clinical signs of the disease and confirmation of the absence of ticks by passing a scraping for analysis.

Note! With severe infection, it is recommended to treat first the damaged areas of the epidermis on the one hand, and after a while on the other. This approach helps prevent overdose and the possible negative effects of poisoning.

To prevent the animal from licking the drug, use a neck collar. If you don’t have a collar, you can simply wrap the pet in an old towel or sheet and hold it on your hands for 15-20 minutes, until the medicine is absorbed into the skin.

Features of use for otodecosis

With otodecosis, before using Amitrazine, according to the instructions, the ears should be cleaned of scabs and crusts. If cleaning is not carried out, the drug will act less effectively. For cleaning, as with cat scabies, it is worth using a special lotion that helps remove dead cells and dirt without much effort.

Then, in each ear, instill 0.5 ml of the medicine. Gently fold the ear along and massage gently so that the solution is evenly distributed throughout the auricle. Even if the tick is present on one side only, both ears must be treated. The procedure is repeated after 7 days. Sometimes the interval is reduced to 3-5 days, and with severe infection, it may take up to 6 procedures.

Contraindications and side effects

And although Amitrazine is considered a non-toxic drug, it has a number of contraindications. It should not be used for treatment in such cases:

  • during pregnancy;
  • with lactation;
  • for kittens up to 2 months of age;
  • with severe exhaustion;
  • with infectious diseases.

Also, abandonment should be used with individual intolerance to the components.

Amitrazine usually does not cause side effects, but with intolerance to the components, allergic reactions can occur, which are manifested by skin pathologies or other symptoms. In rare cases, animals exhibit weakness, disruption of the digestive system (vomiting or indigestion).

Note! When applying the drug to combing sites and wounds, a burning sensation occurs, which quickly passes.

Storage Features and Security

Amitrazine should be stored away from direct sunlight in a dry place at a temperature from 0 to + 30˚C. When freezing, it is recommended that the medicine be warmed to room temperature before use. Children should not have access to medication.

Note! The solution from an open bottle is suitable for use within 30 days after opening.

When working with the drug, standard safety precautions should be followed. If you have hypersensitivity, it is better to exclude direct contact with the drug solution. Use rubber gloves for protection. In case of allergies, consult a doctor.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of Amitrazin include:

  • High efficiency. In practice, it was proved that the drug destroys even those parasites that have resistance to other antiparasitic drugs. In addition, it acts not only on sexually mature individuals, but also on larvae.
  • Availability. You can buy medication at any veterinary pharmacy or pet store. It is not difficult to order Amitrazin on the Internet.
  • Comprehensive action. It destroys parasites and helps restore skin integument.
  • Easy storage. It is enough to place the bottle in a cabinet on the top shelf. Special conditions are not required.

The advantages include the low price of Amitrazin. A 10 ml bottle costs 70-100 rubles. It is usually enough for the entire course of treatment.

You can see the current price of the drug and buy it right here:

The disadvantages include the occurrence of side effects with improper use. And although the manufacturer in the instructions indicates that the drug is well tolerated by animals and does not cause negative reactions, there are many stories and sad experiences with the use of the drug on the Internet.

Owner reviews

Daria, the mistress of the Japanese bobtail:

"Our cat began to scratch her ears constantly. She noticed that they constantly accumulate dirt. They regularly cleaned the ear passages, but that didn’t help. They went to the clinic where we were diagnosed with otodecosis and Amitrazin was prescribed. After the first use, the cat got better, although the treatment procedure itself cannot be called pleasant. It was evident that there was a burning sensation. After two treatments, the ears became clean again. Analyzes confirmed that the tick was no more. A good preparation. "

Vera, mistress of a 3-month-old kitten:

“Aitrazine was bought from a kitten for treating ear scabies. It’s not a medicine, but just poison! After the first instillation, Fluff ran around the house, meowed and shook his head very much. Apparently, he was in pain. When the procedure was repeated on the second day, the cat vomited. He became lethargic, refused to eat. I can not recommend to other owners of cats and cats. "

Veterinarian reviews

Dmitry, a veterinarian with 10 years of experience:

"Amitrazine is an inexpensive and effective medication for the treatment of noothedrosis and ear scabies in animals. I have met negative reviews about this medicine and I want to say a few words on its protection. Side effects occur when used with contraindications or incorrect use. I say this, based on their personal experience One time I had to save a kitten who was poisoned with this drug, but only because it was instilled twice a day, and it was needed once every 5-7 days. The negative effect of the medication is just a consequence of excessive asnities of people. "

Lyudmila, veterinarian:

"A good drug, although I prefer foreign drugs. The other day I was approached by a woman with a kitten who was nauseous and vomited from these drops. I know other similar cases. Usually, side effects occur in small kittens whose body is not strong enough to use potent medicines." .

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