Affenpinchers are small energetic dogs with a very extraordinary appearance. At home, in Germany, they are called "monkey dogs" because of the special structure of the muzzle, curiosity and habits. In France, they were dubbed the "black devils", wanting to emphasize activity, stubborn disposition and unique appearance. Once affenpinchers were excellent hunters of rats and mice. People have not needed such workers for a long time, but the breed has not been lost, but on the contrary it has become even better and has acquired new qualities that are inherent to companion dogs.

Origin history

The history of the breed dates back more than one century. In the Middle Ages in Germany, many farmers raised energetic little hunters for home and households who could cleverly catch rats and mice. Later, such dogs were popular in cities. They were undemanding in maintenance, ate little, and destroyed rodents without fear and were tired. Scraps of surviving data say that affenpinscher descended from rural dogs such as schnauzers. Pugs, silky and German pinschers, and later Belgian griffins took part in breeding.

There is nothing mysterious in the name of the breed. The word "Affen" is translated from German as "monkey." The features of primates in appearance are obvious: a short muzzle, dark eyes, a small nose and short jaws with a prominent lower lip. Pinchers - a group of breeds that were bred for the protection and fishing of rats.

The first standard for the Affenes was developed in 1902. The final one was approved in 1913, and in 1936 the breed was first added to the English pedigree lists. But it is worth noting that many attempts to import dogs to the islands of the United Kingdom and attempts to popularize the breed were unsuccessful. In the USA, affenpinchers were brought in from Germany in 1935 and a year later the breed was recognized at the American Kennel Club.

The ranks of affinpinchers noticeably thinned after World War II. The breed has almost disappeared, but by the mid-50s, enthusiasts were able to revive the population. The emphasis was on correcting flaws, approaching the temperament of decorative dogs and improving appearance. The breeding involved dogs with good black characteristics. Only in 1992, international cynological organizations recognized that the breed affenpinscher (German: affenpinscher) had already reached the level that allows her to participate in the championships, but she did not win much popularity.

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Appearance and Standards

Affenpinchers - small, strong, harmoniously folded dogs of a square format with a dry type of constitution, are very mobile. The backbone is thin, the muscles are moderately developed. Sexual type is well expressed, males are larger and more courageous than light bitches. Height - 25-28 cm, weight - up to 6 kg.

Head and face

A small head is set high. The forehead is wide, convex. Stop is not pronounced. The muzzle is short, not too wide, tapering slightly to the nose. Well filled in the eye area. The upper jaw is slightly shorter than the lower, which emphasizes the rounded chin. The lines connecting the nose to the eyes form an equilateral triangle. The ears are small, set high, erect or semi-erect, turned forward. The eyes are medium, rounded, set straight and low, set wide apart. The eyelids are pigmented. The teeth are small but strong. Bite is a tight snack. With closed jaws, teeth should not be shown.

Body type

The neck is short, almost straight. The back is strong. The top line is flat. The loin is short, slightly convex. Croup rounded. Strong broad chest with round ribs. The stomach is moderately tightened. Front and hind legs set under the body, straight. Paws are small. The claws and pads are black.

Not so long ago, the standard was supposed to stop the ears and tail. Today, such changes do not give advantages at exhibitions. Moreover, they are banned in many countries, so breeders and owners are less likely to trim the ears and tail of their pets.

Wool and colors

The coat of the affinpincher consists of a soft, thick short undercoat and a wire-like outer hair of not the same length on different parts of the body. On the body, the length of the hairs is about 2.5 cm, on the neck, chest, head, abdomen and limbs it is longer. On the head of the hair forms eyebrows, mustaches and a beard. There may be a small collar on the neck.

According to the standard approved by FCI, to which many other European clubs are subject to RKF b, the affinpincher can only be of one color - black with black undercoat.

Character and psychological portrait

These dogs are distinguished by a true Pinscher attitude to life. They are by no means divine pets, bark, frolic, run a lot and are in a hurry to prove to everyone that they are real family members and defenders, whose opinion should be taken into account. Affenpinchers are intelligent and independent, curious and passionate, agile and very courageous, and sometimes even daring. Therefore, the owners should make sure that the little fighter does not decide to attack a larger brother. Their character is fearless, alert and stubborn. Another negative feature is greed and excessive protective instinct. The dog is very jealous of his food, bedding, toys and zealously protects them even from his own.

In the family circle, affens are most often affectionate and obedient, very loyal. The Affinpincher will protect the home, family and property with all his strength. Strangers are wary. About unusual sounds or the approach of guests will always notify with a loud bark. Easily adapts to the environment and the new environment. With small rodents, birds and cats rarely gets along. It is likely that the neighborhood will be peaceful with another dog.

Most affeninpinscher have funny habits, for example, they like to throw toys in the air or take them with their front paws and walk on their hind legs, and also sit on their backs with their hind legs extended.

A small energetic creature will bring much joy to families with older children, and moderately active young people. If it is not recommended to start a pinscher in the house of very young children, he may be intolerant of children's "caress" and even bite. Very tiring and agile affen can be for the elderly.

Training and physical activity

Many owners of affinpincers consider their dogs to be decorative and mistakenly believe that they do not need training. Complicating the upbringing is the fact that Pinchers are too stubborn and independent, it is difficult to achieve exceptional obedience from them. To get the result you need to find a special approach, interest the puppy and become an authority for the dog. The affinpincher quickly remembers the commands and rules, but does not always fulfill them with pleasure, especially if they do not fit into his plans.

Teaching teams and basic rules of behavior at home and on the street will require efforts and patience on the part of the owner, but will make life with a dog less problematic.

Physical activity is required moderate. Affenes are curious and energetic dogs that will be happy to run for a long time without a leash and always agree to outdoor games, but in bad weather they will stay at home with great pleasure. The pet, of course, will not become a jogging or cycling companion, but will be a faithful companion on long walks.

Maintenance and care

Affenpincher must live in a house or apartment, he needs constant communication with and close contact with his family. The dog is not recommended to be left alone for a long time. Care for representatives of the breed of medium complexity.

Comb the pet once a week. More experienced owners resort to stripping, a technique for manually removing “overripe” hair. It is believed that this helps to maintain the correct structure of the cover. Periodically, the hair must be cut. Particular attention is paid to the head. If the dog is not exposed, a haircut over the entire body is not optional, but it is advisable to cut the hair in the anus and genitals.

The purpose of grooming is to leave six 2.5 centimeters long on the body, and in some places lengthen, in particular on the face, to emphasize its shape.

Bathe in as needed, usually once a month. Every day, the dog needs to be washed in order to keep the coat on the face healthy and beautiful. Shampoos are used for black hair dogs. After washing, apply conditioners or balms suitable for the breed.

Once a month, the dog needs to trim the claws, if they do not have time to wear on a walk to the optimal length. The eyes are washed daily with a special lotion to remove dust, hairs and secretions from the cornea. Ears are cleaned about once a week. Oral hygiene is taught from an early age. For toothbrushing use special toothpastes and brushes.


Dogs eat very little, but are picky in food, so it is difficult to provide them with a balanced natural diet. This is one of the reasons why most breeders feed their dogs pre-packaged with dry food in a super-premium or holistic class. Food is selected taking into account the age and physiological condition of the dog. In feeding, it is recommended to adhere to the regimen and not exceed the recommended norms. In addition to the main diet, they sometimes give lean meat and various goodies.

Disease Health and Life Span

Affenpinchers live on average 11-14 years. Most health problems are related to improper maintenance or nutrition, but there are also those that are hereditary:

  • Congenital heart defects;
  • Cataract (can develop at any age);
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hernias;
  • Hypotheriosis;
  • Spontaneous degeneration of the hip joint;
  • vyvih nadkolennika;
  • Congenital absence of certain teeth;
  • Cysts of the sebaceous glands.

The structure of the skull suggests possible breathing problems and profuse lacrimation. In addition, it is recommended that an affinpincher walk on a harness to prevent damage to the trachea from the constant onslaught of the collar. As a prophylaxis of infectious and parasitic diseases, vaccination, deworming, and external parasites are routinely carried out.

Puppy selection and affinpincher price

Affenpincher is a rare and expensive breed. If you still decide to purchase a little black puppy, you will most likely have to book it in advance and wait. Puppies for sale cheaply or almost for nothing should be mistrusted.

It is better to buy babies of this breed in a professional nursery, which carefully monitors the health, conditions of detention and the selection of breeding producers.

Already at 45-60 days, when potential owners are invited to the bridegroom, the kids are completely independent. They exhibit individual character traits and have the opportunity to assess compliance with the standard according to many criteria. This aspect is especially important if the dog is planning to participate in exhibitions or breeding. Perhaps the choice will require the help of a breed expert.

An affenpincher puppy from a kennel from good producers will cost around 100,000 rubles. Babies born as a result of amateur mating are usually sold cheaper.


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