What to do if a kitten eats nothing?

The growing organism of a young animal, like a human being, has a good appetite. But sometimes the owners notice that their kitten eats poorly. What is the situation fraught with, what are its causes and what to do if a pet has practically lost interest in food and eats very little and badly? All answers to similar questions can be found in this article.

The danger of lack of food for a kitten

An adult cat is able to hold out for a long time without food or get by with its minimum. But for a small animal, nutritional deficiencies can turn into serious problems. If the kitten eats nothing or eats very little and badly, this is fraught:

  • gastrointestinal diseases;
  • anemia;
  • pathologies of the liver and kidneys;
  • respiratory distress;
  • heart rhythm failures;
  • lag in development and growth.

Of course, these complications occur when the animal is poor and eats little for a sufficiently long time.

It happens that the appetite disappears for only a few days, and then returns to normal. But if the kitten is thin and poorly eating for a week or more, it's time to sound the alarm.

Causes of decreased appetite

Factors that provoke a decrease in appetite in kittens are not so few. Some are easily eliminated, while others are difficult to treat even in a clinic setting. Here are the main reasons:

  1. the animal does not eat well, because the feed does not suit him;
  2. a decrease in appetite is caused by a change in weather or living conditions (a kitten may not eat from stress, like a person);
  3. owners overfeed the pet, and he protests, showing poor appetite;
  4. the baby has little attention or games and he is sad, feeling badly “morally”;
  5. an infection has entered the body;
  6. there is any disease of the gastrointestinal tract, so the kitten refuses to eat;
  7. the animal eats little due to food poisoning.

If the kitten began to eat poorly, you definitely need to figure out why. Often this can not be done independently. In this case, the veterinarian will help.

What to do to the owner?

Noticing that the animal eats little and poorly, the first thing to do is to measure its temperature. If it is elevated, there may be an infection in the cat's body. If lowered - the pet has little vitality. The normal temperature of a healthy cat is 38 degrees. Everything else is bad.

Next, you should feel the stomach. If the baby becomes restless, cries, it means it hurts, and you need to look for the cause in the gastrointestinal tract pathology.

It happens that the animal constantly screams, does not eat and refuses to drink water. This is very bad, as it may indicate a gut twist.

If a kitten comes to a bowl and tries to eat, but immediately bounces, it probably has problems with teeth or gums. And it happens that he does not like the smell of food or utensils for feeding and therefore he treats her badly. The owner should change the diet and detergent.

Many owners complain that the kitten does not eat dry food well. This means that the baby's body does not accept such food. Veterinarians, by the way, consider it not the best option for tiny cats. It is better to replace the feed with healthier foods (liver, milk, cottage cheese, meat, etc.). At the same time, large pieces should not be given - tiny pets need to grind food or at least mash it with a fork to make it convenient to eat.

If the kitten eats very little right after weaning from the mother’s breast, this is a variant of the norm. He can be helped by giving milk from a pipette. The situation should stabilize after a few days, when the baby gets used to the new conditions of his life.

In no case should you allow situations when the kitten eats nothing for a long time. This is deadly for him.

Toddlers, who are several months old, grow quickly, and if there is little food, the body is depleted instantly.

Of course, far from always, when a tailed pet eats little, you need to immediately run to the doctor. The kitten may simply not want to eat at the moment, as it has been fed up earlier. But if a day or more has passed, and the kitten eats little, it does not behave as usual: it worries, screams, constantly sleeps, the examination and the help of a veterinarian will be required!

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