Causes of dandruff in a cat on its back

When there are a lot of dying scales, you need to look for the causes and treatment of dandruff on the cat on the back, start immediately. The appearance of exfoliating skin flakes is quite natural for any mammal, as the epidermal cells are constantly updated. But normally, this process occurs unnoticed.

Every day combing out our pet, we don’t even notice how we massage her skin and remove the exfoliated tiny pieces of keratinized skin. If the coat has become noticeably more oily, sometimes sticking together, and the skin flakes are large, noticeable, you must contact the clinic to clarify the diagnosis, prescribe the correct treatment.

The main causes of dandruff in a cat on its back are as follows:

  1. change of seasons, change in humidity and temperature in the apartment;
  2. hormonal diseases;
  3. an allergic reaction to food, shampoo, medications, anti-flea collar, etc .;
  4. fungal diseases;
  5. obesity;
  6. liver disease
  7. parasitic infection;
  8. digestive disorders.

In maintaining the health of a domestic cat, regular proper balanced nutrition of high-grade feeds with a sufficient content of fatty acids, protein, and vitamins is of paramount importance. After all, skin diseases are always closely associated with metabolic disorders.

Without eliminating the main trigger of the disease, it makes no sense to deal with external symptoms. Otherwise, the treatment will be expensive and ineffective.

What to do if dandruff is detected in the animal?

Often there is dandruff on the cat's back near the tail in old age, when it is difficult for her to take care of herself, to lick her coat with quality. But if the cat is not yet old, you should consult a veterinarian for the exception or confirmation of a serious diagnosis.

Since external and internal factors can provoke dandruff on a cat's back, referring to a doctor, remember all the details of the animal's diet and its daily regimen.

During seasonal molting, cats are recommended to comb out with special brushes. It is important to ensure that the coat is not tangled and the skin is not damaged. If focal bald patches are found on the body, immediately consult a doctor for help. Appearance of dandruff in a cat in combination with pustular lesions indicates skin inflammation provoked by a bacterial infection. In such cases oral medications may be prescribed and suspensions for external treatment of affected skin.

Will swimming help?

If you find dandruff on a cat on your back, notice that six has become oily, do not try to bathe the animal more often, unless there was a direct doctor’s advice. Hard water can provoke even more active sebum secretion, cracks and diaper rash can appear on the skin, the process of formation of dying scales of keratinized skin can be activated, itching and a natural desire to comb the affected areas may appear, and the cat can infect the open wounds. It is so easy to provoke purulent inflammation complicated by furunculosis.

Longhair cats are recommended to be washed no more than once every 2-3 months. Shorthair cats may be recommended even less frequently.

As a rule, doctors recommend water-based cats to domestic cats just to get rid of fleas (a special shampoo is used) or if the animal has become very dirty.

As already mentioned, the provoking factors of dandruff on the back often have external causes:

  • dry indoor air
  • nervous situation in the family (cats really do not like conflicts),
  • insufficient hair care,
  • irregular prophylaxis of parasitic infection.

However, internal causes affect health much more seriously:

  • unbalanced diet (lack of essential minerals and vitamins in the daily diet),
  • infection of skin diseases on a walk.

Diagnosis - specialist task

If a cat walks outside, the veterinarian may suspect ringworm, which is difficult to treat and extremely contagious. A qualified specialist should deal with the treatment of fungal infections, and animal owners should be very responsible for fulfilling all the requirements and requirements for treatment procedures, strictly adhering to the prescribed drug regimen.

When the occurrence of dandruff in a cat is associated with the development of a concomitant bacterial infection, the body odor changes in the animal.

Attempting to treat a sick cat on its own, without consulting a specialist, is a futile task. The veterinarian needs to take a sample of dandruff for analysis in order to identify the causative agent of the disease in the laboratory.

To find out why dandruff on the back of a cat began to appear frequently and copiously, such laboratory tests will help:

  • blood (general and biochemical analysis);
  • a blood test for hormones (if you suspect seborrhea);
  • cytological analysis of a skin sample;
  • biopsy;
  • bacterial culture;
  • fungal spore analysis.

Only after collecting all the necessary information about the pet’s health status and possible causes of its violation, it becomes possible to prescribe the correct treatment.

Prevention and treatment

Depending on the results of the tests, the veterinarian chooses the tactics and treatment strategy.

If the manifestations of dandruff in the cat on the back are the result of parasite damage, the doctor will prescribe a comprehensive drug therapy. To alleviate external symptoms, special shampoos, drops at the withers, and dry flea treatment products are used. Inside pet is prescribed antiparasitic pillsvitamin preparations.

The effective prevention of dandruff in cats is proper nutrition, weight and physical activity control, timely vaccinations, antifungal injections, regular intake of oral suspensions against ectoparasites, and the use of edible oils (fish oil).

The main task of the owner of the cat is to ensure that the pet always has access to clean water and quality feed. If the animal prefers dry food, but is not accustomed to drink enough water daily, serious problems will arise with age. Pathology of the kidneys and urinary tract may develop.

And the condition of the coat also directly depends on the proper metabolism, good digestion and the normal functioning of the excretory system.

Antibiotics can only be prescribed by a doctor, like any other dandruff treatment for cats. Vitamin complexes are also selected by the veterinarian, since both excess and lack of vitamins of a certain group can provoke metabolic disturbances.

It is difficult to treat diseases such as diabetes, damage to the liver and gall bladder. These diseases can also cause hair loss.increased thirst, increased sebum secretion and peeling of the skin.

With age-related hormonal disorders, the doctor examines the animal in order to detect tumors of the endocrine glands, according to indications, he can advise surgical treatment. The best prevention of diseases of this kind will be timely regular visits to the veterinary clinic.

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