Expensive cat breeds

Cats live next to humans since ancient times. It is almost impossible to name the number of existing cat breeds, but listing the most expensive cat breeds in the world is not at all difficult.

If you make a top rating of purebred cats, then the top ten will look like this:

  1. Ashera
  2. Chausie
  3. Kao Mani
  4. Safari,
  5. Bengal cat
  6. Curl American
  7. Toyger
  8. Elf,
  9. Serengeti,
  10. Laperm.


At the top of the "cat rating" are representatives of the Asher breed, the name of the breed comes from the name of the Hittite goddess Asher. Work on breeding began in 2000, for this, cats of the African Serval and a domestic Bengal cat were bred, seven years later the cats were introduced to the world. The resulting animals became the largest of domestic cats - such a pet can weigh about 15 kg, with growth up to 60 cm.

The usher has a rather peculiar appearance - long legs, slim, elongated, up to one meter, body, ears are large in the shape of a bowl. They have a very dense coat with a spotty color. Ushers are very calm and extremely inquisitive, in addition, they are distinguished by high intelligence and quickly adapt to new living conditions. Also, these cats are distinguished by an unusual for cats love of water - they love to swim and get along well with other pets.

The cost of these spotted cats initially reached $ 26,000, and if in the USA a kitten can be purchased for $ 3,000-5,000, then outside of this country the price immediately increases several times.


To purchase a kitten Chauzi will have to spend up to 11 thousand conventional units. Chauzy was first talked about in the middle of the last century in the USA, wild African cats and Abyssinian domestic animals took part in breeding. Chauzis absolutely do not like to be alone, and not only a person, but also a dog living with her can keep them company.

These cats are extremely rare, since quite often ordinary kittens are born in the litter of two chauses, in addition, very many male breeds are born infertile. It is because of the difficulty in breeding that Chausi kittens are expensive and rare cats.

Kao mani

These cats are representatives of exotic animals of the east. Kao-mani cats have an ancient history, such pets were kept at the royal court of Siam in the 14th century. Kao-mani is snow-white cats with a piercing and expressive look, eye color is yellow, blue, in very rare cases, the color of the eyes of a cat is different. These "Asians" are sociable and intelligent animals, they lend themselves well to training, and they also love to communicate with people.

This breed is not recognized by CFA - the International Cat Breeding and Breeding Association.. To buy a baby kao-mani, you need $ 7000-10000.


No one was specifically involved in the breeding of this breed; they appeared during the research by veterinarians of the resistance of wild cats to leukemia. Safaris are the result of mating South American wild cats and geoffrey domestic cats. These pets are large, at least 8 kg, however, individuals with a weight of 17 kg are also found.

Safaris are the owners of unique almond-shaped eyes of green or yellow color, also these cats have a special fur - it has water-repellent properties. The color can be varied, but dark, contrasting spots and stripes on the wool are always present on the body.

The safari has absolutely no aggression, the cats are affectionate and peaceful, in addition, they are distinguished by high intellectual abilities. In order for such a pet to appear at home, it will take from 5000 to 8000 conventional units.

Bengal cat.

Bengal cats are reminiscent of a leopard in their color, this was achieved by crossing an Asian leopard cat with an ordinary domestic cat, these are very expensive and beautiful cats. Bengalis have a very peculiar character, which combines the temperament of a domestic animal and a wild beast. They are the owners of the most developed hunting instinct among domestic cats. It’s better for a person not to keep such cats in the enclosure - they run wild very quickly, which is why kittens should be trained in their hands as soon as possible so that they do not grow wild.

Bengal cats catch mice remarkably, but almost never eat them. Bengals are very affectionate, they love children and enjoy playing with them, get along well with dogs, even try to “command” them.

Until recently, the cost of such a cat could reach $ 15,000; recently, Bengal kittens have become cheaper, today such a kitten costs $ 3,000-6,000.

American curl

Curls were discovered by chance in the United States in 1981, due to a mutation, the animal had ears of an unusual shape - they are curled back. A few months later, the cat became pregnant and the same ears in newborn babies. A group of breeders began to work with cats, thanks to the efforts of which a new breed of cats, the American Curl, was registered.

Kittens of this breed are born with ordinary ears, but in the interval from 2 to 10 days, the ears are twisted back, the final shape of the ears is made out by two months.

Curls are of medium size, hair can be both long and medium length, eye color matches the color.

These cats are very friendly and playful, they need a lot of space for games and lots of toys, however, it is undesirable to have such pets in a family with small children, because they do not like excessive manifestations of tenderness.

The American curl is a rare breed, they are expensive and very beautiful cats, so the cost of a kitten is quite high - from 1000 to 4000 dollars.


Toigers are a diminutive copy of a tiger:

  • Long low body
  • Very bright and shiny plush fur,
  • Clear stripes on the body
  • Circular marks on the head that are absent in domestic cats.

Work on the breeding of the breed has been going on since the 80s of the last century, and so far the final result has not been obtained, today's toyger is an intermediate version of breeding.

These cats are wonderful companions who love outdoor games and active walks, they adore human society and are bored alone

This is an expensive domestic cat, the price of which is $ 1,500-3,000, the price is largely due to the fact that the breed was officially recognized only in 2007 and has not yet received wide distribution.


The appearance of these cats seems unearthly, if you look at their photo, you can immediately see that they have no hair, and their ears are bent back. Cats owe their appearance to the Canadian Sphinx and the American Curl, from the crosses that these “aliens” originated from. The first kittens - elves were introduced only in 2006, the breed has not yet received official recognition.

In addition to unusual ears, a feature of elves is the complete absence of a mustache and eyebrow, characteristic of this breed. The color of the skin of cats can be varied, in addition, a pattern may be present on the skin.

Elves are very friendly and affectionate pets, they quickly find a common language even with dogs and often go to bed with them in search of warmth.

The most expensive cat in the world of an elf breed was a pet sold for $ 3000, and the average price of elves is 1500-2000.


Serengeti was the result of a cross between a Bengal and an oriental cat by American breeders. The resulting pets are large - 8-12 kg, but at the same time they are very elegant and graceful, friendly and affectionate, so they quickly find a common language with the children.

Serengeti has long graceful legs, large ears, a color similar to wild cats - spotty, despite the larger host size, they are quite short.

The cost of a Serengeti kitten is from $ 1,000 to $ 1,500.


Today, the only most expensive kitten with a curly fur coat in the world is Laperma's babies. Despite the rather long coat, these pets are completely hypoallergenic.

For the first time these kittens were introduced in the 80s. The 20th century began to be practiced on the American continent; it came from freely breeding cat breeds. Such pets are very affectionate and curious. Moreover, they are wonderful hunters. Laperma very rarely meow; they have a silent expression of emotions. The cost of a curly-haired pet is from 300 to 2000 US dollars.

Cat records

The price of a pet of the same breed can vary dramatically depending on the purebred individual. Many breeders are ready to lay out fabulous money for making their most expensive cat in the world their pet. So the officially registered record in the Guinness Book of Records of the cost of a cat is 24 thousand US dollars, this is the amount that was paid for a shining Californian pet.

Today, among millionaires, it is fashionable to have a cat of the Asher breed in their home, namely its species Royal Asher, the main difference of which is orange spots on the skin. Unlike the more "budget" usher for 20-24 thousand dollars, the price of a royal cat can reach 125,000, although not one of the breeders officially recognizes the payment of such an amount.

There are other expensive breeds of cats, for the purchase of a representative which will need up to 3,000 US dollars, depending on the thoroughbredness of the parents, these are:

  • Peterbald
  • Korat
  • Nibelung,
  • Bonesine cat
  • Pixy bob
  • Chantilly Tiffany
  • Snoosh
  • Australian Mies,
  • Turkish van
  • York chocolate cat
  • Munchkin
  • Singapore.

When deciding on the appearance of a cat in the house, it is important to remember that the pet is not aware of its thoroughness, therefore, loves its owner sincerely regardless of its value.

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