Slimming food for cats

A cat's daily diet determines a lot. These are activity, dynamics, mood and longevity. It’s dangerous to feed your pet cheap food. The structure of budgetary compositions from supermarkets contains addictive substances.
Cat food for weight loss is not a specially made dietary product. The success of a diet depends on the proper balance of vitamins. Weight gain in cats, as in humans, is a consequence of malnutrition.

Feed classification is divided into three groups:

  • Natural. This is natural food, but not food from the human table. Cats in the form of food are mainly given sour-milk and meat dishes.
  • Dry and canned. Ready-made feed for industrial production, sold in supermarkets and pharmacies.
  • Mixed Compounds. This is a nutritional option in which the combination of natural food and artificial feed is assumed.

What can be added to the menu from natural?

To lose weight, you can purchase the following products:

  • Lean meat. A common option is beef chopped into small pieces. This is food that is easily digestible and digested by the cat's body.
  • Sea fish. You can add boneless fish, which is then steamed.
  • Dairy products. This is one percent kefir and cottage cheese. On average, you can dilute the menu with dairy products once or twice a week.
  • Vegetables. It is important not only to help the cat lose weight, but also to give the animal the basic amount of vitamins. Beneficial substances are found in greenery.

What you need to know about choosing industrial feeds?

The best way to help your cat lose weight and normalize weight is to purchase pre-cooked food packages. This is a dry and liquid diet for weight loss. It’s important to remember that you cannot trust brands advertised on TV. Safe feeds are sold only in veterinary pharmacies and specialty stores.

Premium feline slimming food features the following features:

  • Premium grades belong to holistic class. This means that it’s safe to feed a cat or dog: it contains mineral supplements containing the whole complex of vitamins.
  • Premium options are dietary and therapeutic. Special formulations are available for kittens, cats with a sensitive gastrointestinal system, sterilized cats, neutered cats and domestic cats.
  • Good food, like branded canin, will not lead to obesity. According to reviews, such feeding is optimal for adults who are inactive and spend a minimum of energy, although they eat a lot.
  • This is a food for weight loss, focused on long-term nutrition. A variety of supplements does not harm the cat. The animal receives the entire volume of nutrients in one composition.

It is impossible to feed a cat with different types of feed. The digestive system of cats is sensitive and forced to adapt to any "innovations." This will not help weight loss and is fraught with problems with the intestines and stomach, is a threat to the life of a pet.

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