How to give Piracetam to a cat?

Not every pet owner will be able to recognize a stroke in a cat or dog in time. However, such a disease occurs frequently. Piracetam for cats is one of the important drugs for the timely treatment of the disease.

Signs of a cat stroke

Under the influence of certain factors, cerebral circulation will be disturbed in the cat’s head. Which is accompanied by unusual behavior of the pet.

The main signs of a stroke are as follows:

  • During a stroke, the cervical muscles weaken. As a result, the cat's head leans to its side.
  • The cat is disturbed coordination. He suddenly starts to stagger or go in an unknown direction, maybe in a circle. Sometimes even falling for no reason.
  • Possible loss of memory, the animal completely forgets its owners, where it is. He doesn’t even understand how to perform elementary functions, how to wash his face, or scratch behind his ear. In this case, the cat can react aggressively to its owners.
  • The cat completely stops playing, eating. The veterinarian explains that during this period all the muscles in the animal’s body are relaxed to such an extent that it is impossible to even chew and swallow. The cat may lose consciousness by bending to a plate of food.
  • The pupils become different sizes, even the onset of blindness is possible. A sick animal will stumble on everything that gets in the way, with difficulty getting in the direction he needs.
  • Due to a stroke, the abdominal muscles weaken. The cat begins to involuntarily go to the toilet, he himself does not understand what is happening.
  • The cat may lose consciousness, breathing, vomiting, epileptic seizures. Partial paralysis of the body.

To prevent strokes, to improve the resistance to hypoxia in the cat's body, Mexidol is prescribed. Due to a lack of oxygen in the brain, the most severe pathological disorders can develop. In some cases, paralysis of vital organs and death.

First aid cat

If some symptoms of a stroke are detected, the animal must immediately be taken to the veterinarian. First lay the sick cat on its side, on a flat surface. Do not leave the animal alone, pet it and talk gently, this will calm the cat. You need to carefully open the mouth and see if there is viscous saliva or vomit so that the animal does not choke. During an attack of epilepsy, the tongue can fall into the throat, you need to pull it out, since the cat can suffocate.

In no case should you give the cat any medication yourself. After all, there are other diseases in which medications for stroke are categorically contraindicated. The first aid to the cat is to deliver him to the clinic very quickly, and the doctor will prescribe treatment.

As a rule, complex therapy is prescribed in which Piracetam is attributed to one of the main drugs. Dose Piracetam cat 0.5 ml - 1 ml, inject intramuscularly, once a day.

Instructions for use Piracetam for a cat is a nootropic medicine. With its use, the metabolism in the brain improves. Redox process is stimulated. Glucose is absorbed in full, then excreted.

Using the drug in the right dosages, the blood circulation in the brain will return to normal. Gradually, memory and coordination will be restored. The drug is not addictive.

Side effects during the use of the drug may be vomiting, constipation and diarrhea. Impaired appetite and sleep. The concentration of attention is reduced.

Injections Piracetam cat, the contents of one ampoule - diluted acetic acid, liquid for injection, acetate, sodium trihydrate. The main component of Piracetam is contained - one gram.

Veterinarians prescribe Piracetam to cats not only with stroke. In recent years, owners of domestic cats have increasingly begun to contact because of the depressed state of the cat.

Poor feed, lack of vitamins, ecology and many other factors that introduce the cat's nervous system into a state of stress and depression. Cats in adulthood to maintain and restore the psyche, memory is prescribed Pitiracetam in small doses.

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