Almo Nature feed reviews (Almo Nature)

Too many pets live by the principle: "Eat tired of sleeping." And only one problem torments poor cats during the day - where to put a comma ?!

The history of cat food Almo Nature

Almo Nature now also has a prominent comma in its history. The brand, founded 15 years ago in Genoa by businessman Pierre Giovanni Capellino, is developing rapidly.

Today, the brand’s products are presented in Germany, Switzerland, France, Canada, and Great Britain.

At the heart of the popularity of cat food Almo Natur is a triple quality control (initial products-processing-final product) and the naturalness of the compositions.

Almo Nature experts separately note that their products have not been tested on animals.

Types of feed brand Almo Nature

Almo Nature cat food is represented by a wide range. The assortment includes dry food, canned food, spiders and goodies for smaller brothers and sisters. 5 major major categories can be distinguished in Almo Natur:

  • Rouge Label. Nutrition designed for allergenic animals. The composition of this category of feed (dry and canned) includes only one protein and fat plus vitamins. Offal and bone meal are excluded. The ingredients of Rouge Label are high-quality, but the menu is modest - almost always it is a protein and a side dish of rice and potatoes.
  • Orange Label. It is presented both in dry form and in canned food. Recommended for neutered animals. By-products are already included in the composition, the percentage of meat content is markedly reduced. It seems that cats prone to fullness will have to tighten their belts.
  • Green Label. It is produced in spiders and prepared in a special way. Raw meat is first packed, and then the spiders undergo a heat treatment, thanks to which all the nutrients and nutrients remain in the broth inside the spider. There is not much rice in Green Label, therefore, as a treat, Green Label is highly regarded.
  • Azul Label. It is presented mainly in canned food. The composition is worse than Green Label, because by-products, flour, allergenic yeast, and fish are found in excess. True, there are vegetables.
  • Tradition. This is wet food. They have a lot of meat (or fish) - from 50 to 75%. The choice of flavor combinations is decent. But canned foods are not enriched with vitamins and minerals.

It remains to tell a little technical characteristics about each type of feed.

Wet cat food is available in canned foods of 70 grams, 140 grams and in spiders of 70 grams. Separately, there is no canned food for kittens, but for adult cats and for older Almo Nature has developed a delicious menu.

Dry feeds are sold in packages of 105 g, 400 g, 750 g, 2 kg and 12 kg each. Here the menu is much wider - there are separate dry feeds for kittens, formulations that control the withdrawal of wool, a menu for casted animals have been developed.

Almo Nature treats are represented by sausages (3 sausages per pack) and fillet in broth (incidentally, tasty and suitable for people, Almo Nature producers believe).

Benefits of Almo Nature Cat Food

Almo Nature contains a lot of chicken meat - it is easily absorbed by the cat's body and reduces the burden on the kidneys. We also note the absence of dyes, chemical preservatives and flavor enhancers.

Pleasantly pleasing rosemary, vitamin E and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the composition of these feeds. Also, the broth can and should be attributed to the benefits - it can be up to 30% in canned food!


And now about the shortcomings (we rub our hands). Reviews about Almo Natur cat food would be much better if the owners of the animals did not note the fact that the Russian translation of the composition of the feed does not match the original. Translators seem to know more than even the producers themselves. A trifle, but unpleasant! Indeed, out of the little things is the trust in the brand.

In the same piggy bank - the site does not have a transparent feed composition. Very often the main ingredients are written allegorically and one can only guess what exactly your kitty is treated with.

But the main drawback we see in another. Almo Natur developers emphasize that they have created their own food concept for cats and cats.

Its essence is that the cat needs to be fed 60% of wet food produced by Almo Nature and 40% of dry food Almo Nature during the day. Theoretically, this reduces the burden on the kidneys and increases fluid intake (recall about the broth!). In this regard, the reviews of veterinarians about food for cats Almo Natur are not all fundamentally positive - it is impossible to unequivocally state that such a diet is suitable for all animals. The digestive tract is as individual as the animal itself. But the formula 60 + 40 is designed for everyone. The choice and decision is yours!

More feed:

  • Bosite;
  • Hills.

Reviews of cats and veterinarians

Olga K. writes: “I feed my Maine Coon only with super-premium feeds. But recently they told me that Almo Nature is also good in composition, but due to lack of fuss on the market, it’s much cheaper.

In stores Almo Nature was not and had to go shopping on the Internet. I ordered a large batch of dry food Almo Nature. Cats liked him, they eat and crack their jaws. It seems to me that the wool began to climb less - I’m watching.

I’m happy with a wide range and a large percentage of meat in the composition. "

Nikita: “I myself am a pet store employee. For some reason, Almo Nature is not particularly successful with customers, but in vain. I have been feeding this food for a long time to my cats.

The results are good - the coat is shiny, the cat is plump and cheerful, the chair is regular. Honestly, cats do not eat spider cats and dry food with fish. Apparently, the smell of fish is too natural. But the chicken and the rabbit fly off perfectly.

By the way, there is no corn in Almo Nature, and this is important if your cat is prone to dermatitis. "

Helena: “I often buy dry food of this brand, but I don’t take canned food anymore - I don’t eat ((. By the way, I noticed that after updating the assortment, when Almo Nature disappeared from the shelves, appearing, it became a little different.

The inscription that this food can be consumed by people has also disappeared (now this is not recommended, but why?). On some canned food it is suddenly written that it is made in Thailand. It is alarming.

But I still like the quality, but I have to chase after it - not everywhere and not always on sale. "


Canned food for cats weighing 70 grams in Russia can be bought for 77 rubles, and dry food 400 grams, 2 kg and 12 kg will cost 359 p, 1012 p and 4392, respectively.

It is more difficult to buy feed from this brand in Ukraine. It is mainly represented in online stores. But the prices are quite loyal.

A large package (12 kg) of food for adult cats will cost the owner of the animal 1800 hryvnia.

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